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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why Blog? Why Bipolar?

As a new blogger with bipolar disorder I run into roadblocks from time to time.  I also run into dead ends.

It's the ability to navigate around roadblocks and to quickly turn around at dead ends that makes someone successful.

After cruising the web, reading other people's blogs I found that successful bloggers all have the following in common:
  • they love to blog about their chosen subject(s)
  • they are motivated to the point that blogging is a passion
  • they provide original, informative content
  • they blog as themselves, not someone they are trying to be
As I was struggling to decide on content for my next post I asked myself some hard questions:
  1. Why do I blog?
  2. Do I love to blog?
  3. What are my goals for this blog?
Why do I blog?  I blog because I am passionate about beating the bipolar disease.  I blog because I enjoy sharing my experiences with other people like me. I blog because I like writing.  I blog because it is fun!

Do I love to blog? YES! I thoroughly enjoy creating content and getting it out there for people.

What are my goals for this blog?  This question made me stop and think.  What are they?  I know I originally started writing as a form of therapy.  My goal was to achieve a therapeutic benefit from writing.  

That goal is being reached as I continue to write. But another goal has jumped in: exceptional content.  I blog to provide excellent content to my readers and for myself.  I blog to fill an empty spot in the blogosphere.

That empty spot is sharing my perspectives, opinions, analysis, and experiences.  The spot is filled as I produce information, tips, links, resources, insight, and inspiration.  A medical text on bipolar does not inspire someone to keep fighting the disease.  But the stuff I create sure can!

Today I was staring at a dead end.  I was thinking that I provided no value to readers.  I questioned the content I am providing.  This is where I was when I got up today.

I bet every blogger gets that mindset at one time or another.  In that state of mind you absolutely can not produce worthwhile content.  You will not enjoy it.  Your writing goals will not be present.  Blogging will feel like work, not something you love to do.

Fast forward to the evening.  I'm finally out of that awful space!  I'm not doubtful anymore!  I know I provide value to readers out there, IMHO.  I want to blog right now! 

I'm not sure what exactly got me out of my funk.  Some of it was reading successful blogs out there.  Some of it was asking myself those three questions.  A subtle but real exodus of depression symptoms certainly helped a lot.

The bottom line is I love blogging!  I like thinking about topics, researching things, and connecting with people.  Blogging is an excellent way to express who I truly am to the world!!  So, cheers to blogging everybody!

What things do you love?  How do you handle it when they seem so distant sometimes?     


  1. Life is a cabaret, put on a good show.
    "Start by admitting
    From cradle to tomb
    Isn't that long a stay.
    Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
    Only a Cabaret, old chum,
    And I love a Cabaret!"

  2. Thanks for poem and stopping by Mark!