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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bipolar Survival Tip #2 - Avoid the Law!

It seems a hazard of life for some people is frequent interaction with the police and justice system.  And for those few people with bipolar disorder, staying on the right side of the law while trying to control bipolar symptoms and episodes is a serious challenge.

Sometimes I think we should just gather them all up and neutralize them.  Let's face it, staying clean, sober, lawful, and compliant with probation is overwhelming for some folks, even more so for those with bipolar disorder.  Should just put them in a big facility where they can be observed?  If so it should have nice gardens and water features.

Finding yourself on the wrong side of the Law is easier than you think. Of course the likelihood of being hassled by the badges is greatly reduced when you are polite and following the law.

I almost got a warrant one time because I forgot to pay a parking ticket.  It can happen to anyone.  So don't beat yourself up too bad if you do get caught.

I subscribe to the Chris Rock production below: "How not to get your ass kicked by the police."  I recommend you review this instructional video before proceeding.  The people in this video are not bipolar, except maybe the mad woman at the end.


I have assembled some useful hints for ensuring encounters with the Law will be okay.  These are strongly suggested if you truly want to avoid negative interactions with the police.

Hint #1: Obey the Law.  I suppose a corollary to this would be "Don't Get Caught."  Bipolar and "normal" people alike get hassled every day for things like speeding, trespassing, and public intoxication.  The rules apply across the board.

Hint #2: Eliminate distractions.  Distractions impair your judgement, which you need when making drug deals or driving at high speeds.  Make sure you leave your woman at home if she's likely to be upset or angry.  Because a mad woman will say ANYTHING to get you in trouble!  I know a guy who got a parking ticket because his wife was ticked off about something that happened back at the house hours earlier.  They were parked and arguing but forgot to get out of the road.  They were stopped in the center turn lane.

Hint #3: Always maintain situational awareness.  The police are not on your side!  The badges are trained to skillfully and deceitfully manipulate you to say and admit things that will get you in trouble.  Keep this in mind while they are questioning you.  And if you think they're friendly, think again.


There are some insight I have to help you stay away from the badges and avoid having to wear their jewelry.

Insight #1: The Law does not always win.  I know of several friends who shall remain anonymous that have successfully fled, lied, evaded, avoided, and even climbed trees to escape from the clutches of the police.  So if you find yourself in a bind over an alleged infraction or violation, don't give up!  There may be a way out!
Insight #2: Develop impulse control.  If you value your freedom, then don't do crazy stuff that gets you in trouble.  There is an area of the brain (medial prefrontal cortex) that  inhibits impulse control.  It seems this area is less active for those having bipolar disorder.  Dr. Phelps shows there is a biological basis to impulse control.

Insight #3: Remember your rights and use them.  If you are in your house and they come knocking, then don't answer the bloody door!  Close your curtains, lock all doors and windows, and kick back inside until they get bored and leave.


Sometimes, even with our best intention, we may inadvertently have a meeting with the men in blue.  Here are two things to keep in mind if you find yourself in the back of a cop car wearing their jewelry.

Measure #1.  Quickly remind them you are mentally ill.  I can not stress the importance of letting the helpful responding officer know you suffer from a mental illness.  If its bipolar disorder, then say you have bipolar disorder.  Establishing the fact that you have a serious mental condition will be the difference between a three day vacation stay at the local mental hospital or being arrested and charged with something like drunk in public or disturbing the peace.  In fact, you may be lucky enough to walk with nothing more than a warning.  I've done it!  Act a little bizarre if you have to or just feel like doing so.  It will bolster the mental illness strategy.
Measure #2. Shut the hell up.  That officer will write up shit you or your friends say and it will be used against you later.  You'll be mad and say stuff easily.  Got to stay cool.

Measure #2.  Pretend you are sober.  This can be difficult if you are three sheet to the wind.  But do try because you don't want the drunk tank.  You will freeze your butt off in there, they keep it really cold.


You be the judge.  The tactics may or may not have happened.  For the record even if they did happen I didn't do them.  I can't be sure of course, but I have a sense that they will be of some value to someone-somewhere-someday.  Below are two potentially stellar defense tactics for keeping your freedom when you could be over your BAC limit.  Maybe these will be demonstrated on YouTube someday.

BS? TACTIC #1. Attention Deflection for DUI avoidance.  If you find youself pulled over for questioning while having a 0.08 percent blood alcohol level or more, then make strategic observations or helpful hints to the officer.  For example, when pulled over and questioned if he had been drinking my friend said no, but that his buddies in the passenger seats were wasted and that he was called to take them home.  The officer assessed the situation, saw three drunk guys in the car acting silly.  My friend provided information and helped the officer quickly evaluate the situation and make a decision.  Simple enough and it worked.

BS? TACTIC #2.  The Hail Mary for DUI escape.  Try this.  It requires one preparation step: (1) keep a pint of unopened 80 proof liquor in your glovebox, next to your insurance, registration, and gun (if legal); (2) when approached by the officer keep your window rolled up and get the bottle of booze; and (3) in his presence open the unopened bottle and drink it all!  This will send your BAC through the roof and mask any previous suspicions of drinking.  IMPORTANT: Do not try this if you have a mad woman in the car with you.  A very upset woman will say anything to get you in trouble (see Hint #2 above).

This information is for fun.  It is coming from a non-criminal type guy.  It is not a substitute for attorney advise or experience from real life cop interactions.  Be safe, and take your meds.


  1. That was hilarious!!!! Thanks bro. Su

  2. You are welcome! Just don't become a "mad woman" when I'm around :)

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