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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Meth and LSD for Bipolar Disorder!

April Fools!!  Really now!  Such a notion, meth and LSD for bipolar disorder.  Those things probably cause bipolar disorder.  I'm not sure on that.  They definitely mess up bipolar symptoms, according to my friend Anon.  I think I'm going to remove this post after today.  I know I would be upset if I searched online for "Meth" and "LSD" and "Bipolar" and landed on this page, ha ha.

Last Week

I had bad depression last week.  I didn't write much because of it.  It's Saturday today and this is my first time writing all week.  The post last Wednesday, "Bipolar Tip: Winning at Your Next Pdoc Visit!" was written the week prior.

I spent most of my "useable" time this week researching ketamine.  It's has potential for use treating bipolar depression.  It's a powerful drug with strong antidepressant effects that has seemingly stalled in its development.  Look for a post on ketamine later this month!

Cymbalta Withdrawal

As I posted a couple of weeks ago I am currently getting off Cymbalta.  This is still the case, but I think I'm getting some  withdrawal effects from it.  I have been markedly lower lately.

My tapering plan from my pdoc planned for lowering my dose by 20 mg/day a week at a time.  I went from 120 to 100 mg/day with seemingly no problem during week one.  Tuesday I lowered my dose to 80 mg/day.  That same day my depression symptoms (mood, fatigue, tiredness) fell from mostly moderate to mostly severe and its been the same since!

So, it seems like my withdrawal from Cymbalta is not going to be as simple as I'd hoped.  I'll call up my psychiatrist tomorrow and figure out what to do.  

Have a great week!


  1. I know I was born with gene relating to bi polar disorder. I did not self realize any syptoms until my first and only experience with LSD. I knew the next day "something had changed" with my perception of the world, people and within me. I rue the day I took "window-pane"; I can function with medication 'yes", however I never fully recovered. I was 15.

    1. Hi Melissa - Thanks for commenting and relating your experience. I am curious about how bad your symptoms were prior to LSD? I hope things work out for you. - Jeff