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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Maniacal Activity But I'm Back!

After I crashed in late May and early June things responded and came flying back in a flurry of obscure but quite fun activity.

It came on like a tornado. It came out of nowhere and touched down long enough to draw attention but not long enough to cause mayhem.

The awesome news is that I bounced back from the twisting manic fury in record time without much undue burden on the family and friends I rely on so much.

The conversion from mania to the normal realm can be tricky. My infallable pattern is for major depression after mania.

But this time I'm BACK!  No major depression so far!!! Praise to God that I lived through another one! 


  1. Thats great! I wish I could just not have the depression too but hey if i didnt i wouldn't be ashley but im glad your ok

  2. Hey aash114! Thanks for the comment!