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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bipolar Twitter Chatter

If you search the "tweetosphere" using an online tool like you can find all kinds of interesting and funny stuff!  I did some searches using bipolar and other terms.  The results are humorous.

When I queried 'bipolar+partner" I found this tweet from on gal : "Umm, That Jog Was Relaxing! Thank God I Gotta Partner....But She So Dang Bipolar, Lol....Hope She Don't Quit On Me! ;)"  I'm glad we can all laugh out loud at our bipolar relationship issues.

A query of 'bipolar+weather' turned up: "Im so sick of this bipolar ass bitch Mother Nature she need to make her damn mind up. this weather #icant"  I guess this person wants winter to come yesterday.  The same query showed: "Wassup with this bipolar weather? #datshitcra"

After typing in 'bipolar+sandwich" I saw: "all i have eaten in the past two days is a roast beef sandwich. my appetite is bipolar."  Does this appetite cause the food to go up and down or high and low?  Two days is a long time. Maybe this person was on drugs.

'bipolar+toast' led me to a gent who tweeted: "Toast to all the men dealing with bipolar women all their lives. This my friend is for the birds"  Yep, that relationship is on the rocks.

And finally 'bipolar+dirty' turned up this from an upset partner: " @starrahlicious worse was living with a skitso/bipolar dirty airhead dumb non spades player a liar a ho n fake plus a manipulator"  Tell us how you really feel.

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