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Friday, November 11, 2011

Japan to Attack U.S.

Did you know we will be attacked by Japan in the not-to-distant future?  Yes, but it won't be with bombs or kamikaze pilots.  The mode of attack will be onshore occupation of U.S. coasts and waterways by Japanese garbage!

Remember all the cars, buildings, tires, and junk floating on the coast of Japan after the March 11 earthquake and Tsunami? Well, all that stuff left Japan and is now conglomerated into one large trash patch floating in the Pacific Ocean.

How much trash is actually floating out there you may ask?  The size of the patch has been reported to be twice the size of Texas!  However, one recent report refutes the enormous size estimate.

It is chock full of durable things that float and do not readily degrade in the ocean environment.  The patch has assembled itself into a force to be reckoned with.

As for us in the U.S., we are screwed. It turns out normal ocean currents are transporting the mass of material across the Pacific towards North America.  Some of the debris is already 2000 miles off the coast of Japan on its way to get us.

The first assault will reach Hawaii sometime in early 2013.  Next, the patch will migrate westward until it hits the West Coast.  Computer simulations performed at the University of Hawaii shows patch trash will begin washing up on beaches stretching from Vancouver down through Oregon, Washington and to the tip of Baja California in 2014.

Finally, the what remains of this dynamic flotilla of trash will bounce off the West Coast and return to Hawaii for another visit.  Surfers beware. You may need to retreat on this one.

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  1. Absolutely incredible! So we are getting hit from the air (ref: your prior post) and the sea!