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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Today's Visit to Another Christian Church

Well, we "visited" another local church for an assessment and later discussion.  The church we invaded today was somewhat liturgical, a high church if you will (think fansy smansy with candles).  You see, my six friends and I are looking at the various local churches to see which ones fit us.  We are trying to find the "best" church for our worship styles and other factors.  If it fits we will join. 

A problem you may see right away is what if we each like different churches.  Well then if that becomes the case I say each goes to worship at his/her preferred congregation.  Following Christ is more important than following each other!  Also, since I'm single I'm totally free.  The two couples have to make compromises and sacrifices to arrive at a mutually agreeable church.  Ha ha.

It is critical that each of us feels comfortable with church doctrine, worship style, and overall church environment.  Is it closed in and dark?  Or are there majestic stained glass windows reaching up to the tall ceiling, revealing ample amounts of pure sunshine, with glistening angels gently gliding above you.  Are you inspired by the praise and worship experience?  Are the sermons Biblical?  Do you have a sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit?

Well, I'll tell you today's church didn't impress me.  Not that I'm a modernist or something, but the chapel and associated buildings were old.  The average churchgoer was old.  Not too many folks in my age range.  Next up, what is the doctrine like?  Well, I thought the doctrine we heard was sufficient to the topic discussed (what does that mean?).  I wish I could be more clear but the hour is getting late.

Finally, I had to assess the churches praise and worship.  Well, there you go again: the music was old.  We could barely read it on the overhead because they picked a poor background and font color for their Power point slides.  The church praise ministry consisted of two vocalists, a guy and a gal, and a piano player.  THAT's IT!  I couldn't believe it.  But they pulled it off.  They sounded pleasing to our judgmental ears.  Anyway, it didn't do much for me.  I think I'm hooked on the more contemporary, live music like they have at the mega churches.

Stay tuned and I'll write about my final selection!  This get up reminds me of the X-factor.  My friends and I are the judges and each church gets to try out to see if we like them.  We'll call it the Church-factor.

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