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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gimmee The Picture Already

In the spirit of Andy Rooney (RIP) I am indulging in a little analysis and satire myself:

When sending images through email some people will link to a picture instead of putting the picture in an email as an attachment.  Why do we have to go to a website to see pictures that should already be in an email?

Let’s say I want to forward that picture from a friend to another friend. I can’t just forward the email because this friend isn’t in my yahoo mail account group.  So I have to copy the picture from the website to my computer and create a new email instead of just forwarding the email with an attachment to my other friend.

How many layers of stuff do I have to wade through just to see a picture that’s only 51kb?  I'm already getting an email of 23 kb’s for the picture preview and text that says look at this picture.  It just doesn’t make sense.

From one friend to another I will tell you, these layers of clicking and pointing, new window this new window that, are increasing bandwidth, which slows the Internet.  I mean T1 connections are obsolete and you can barely lay a secure VPN tunnel over public Internet connections.

Goodbye Andy, I sure will miss you.

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