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Monday, November 7, 2011

My New Adventure - Internet Writing

I just signed up for an online course "Introduction to Internet Writing Markets" through my local community college.  I am working on developing my writing skills and business savy to make money with my writing talents.  I've thought of blogging for myself or others, grant writing, e-magazine articles, and even my own book! 

If anyone has ideas or knows of someone in need of a writer please let me know at or (I'm not ready to put my email up on the web quite yet).  For each subject area I will be sending out tips and trends on various topics.  For example, for this blog I may write up an article on the pros and cons of having a psychotherapist for talk therapy - something I have experience in.

For now blogging is my mode of choice for breaking into the Internet markets.  I'll probably be sticking to subject matter that I know something about, such as this blog and bipolar disorder.  But I will likely venture out into other areas through research and exploration.  Hopefully my online course will start me in the direction I should go.  Maybe I need a plan,  you think?

Some other subject areas I've been thinking about blogging are photography, summarizing and opinionating (new word) interesting or weird news topics (not just retweeting), Christianity and the Bible, and grant writing.  I'm sure there are many other areas I'm interested in that will show up as I move forward.  Thanks for reading!  Jeff

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